As an integral part of our curriculum, children at JVM are introduced to various games and sports suitable for their age group. This not only enhances their motor, visual, and mental skills but also instills in them the rules and ethos of teamwork, fostering school and house loyalties, and promoting sportsmanship.

After school hours, organized games continue for an hour, providing an opportunity for interested students to further engage in sports activities. The culmination of field and track events is our annual sports meet, held separately for junior and senior school students.

Additionally, twice a week, an afternoon session is dedicated to activities for all grades. Here, students learn a variety of techniques and skills in disciplines such as Karate, yoga, skating, and other games. Dance, Drama, Art, Public Speaking, Life Skills, and Music are also available as options for participation.

At JVM, we firmly believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. Thus, we actively combine academic pursuits with outbound activities. These excursions range from half-day to full-day visits to nearby facilities such as fire stations, post offices, florists, factories, corporate offices, banks, hospitals, farms, orphanages, and recycling plants. Carefully planned to optimize learning, safety, and enjoyment, these outings serve to foster bonds among students, instill leadership qualities, and cultivate traits such as resourcefulness, helpfulness, environmental awareness, and independence across all age groups.