Established in 2012 by our esteemed Chairperson, Mr. Puttaswamy Gowda, a distinguished educationist, “Janani Vidya Mandira” has steadily flourished. Through the unwavering trust and confidence of parents, our institution has experienced consistent growth, reflected in increasing enrollments year after year. Fueled by dedication and trust, we continue to advance steadily. Our campus boasts a plethora of facilities, including playgrounds, a skating rink, a basketball court, a well-stocked library, fully-equipped Mathematics and Science labs, as well as dedicated spaces for Music and the Arts.

The school offers a high-quality, spacious, and comfortable environment for students, teachers, and staff. Our focus is not on quantity but on the quality of education we provide.

Some distinctive features of our school include:

An inclusive approach that welcomes students from diverse nationalities.

A well-structured curriculum adhering to international standards.

Personalized learning opportunities that emphasize hands-on experience and collaboration.

Dynamic teaching methods incorporate modern information technology tools in the classroom.

A team of well-qualified and trained faculty proficient in both Indian and international curricula.

Compassionate pastoral care tailored to meet the needs of all age groups.

Supportive parent-teacher relationships foster mutual understanding.

Ambitious programs aimed at nurturing self-esteem, communication skills, and social responsibility.

A competitive emphasis on sports, games, yoga, karate, art, music, and practical work experience.