Assessment is regularly assigned and checked. Assessment contributes significantly to the academic growth.

  • The students are informed of homework and assignment for all subjects with adequate time given to complete them.
  • It is a tool to evaluate the daily preparation and enhancement of learning concepts.
  • A record of assignment completion is maintained by the teachers.
  • Parents are expected to monitor the assignment assigned to their children.
  • It is Parent’s responsibility to check that all assigned assignments are completed to the best of the student’s ability.

Evaluation and Examination System

PLAYGROUP, NURSERY, LKG AND UKG: Evaluation is based on uniform assessment pattern of each child through activities and worksheets only. An appraisal of the performance at the end of each semester is given to theparent.
Term-1-June to October
Term-2-November to March
Evaluation is based on Assessments and Term Examinations.
A tentative schedule for Assessment and Term Examination is given below:
July: Assessment 1
Aug:Assessment 2
Sep/Oct: Term 1 Examination
Nov/Dec:Assessment 3
Jan/Feb: Assessment 4 (Only for Grade 1 to 5)
Mar: Term 2 Examination
Students are not allowed to miss examinations/assessments. No re examination / assessments will be permitted unless the student is absent from school for a school sponsored activity like representing in any sports/cultural activity outside school.