It is an on-going part of the curriculum, wherein children are inducted, age-appropriately, into various games and sports. From coordinating motor, visual and mental skills in the little ones, the children imbibe the rules and spirit of various team games while also fostering team spirit, school and House loyalties and sportsmanship. Organised games continue for an hour after school closes for the day, for those who are interested to stay back. Field and track events culminate in an annual sports meet—one for the junior school, and one for the senior.

Twice in a week, an afternoon is dedicated to activities for all grades, when they learn various techniques and skills in areas like Karate, yoga, skating and other games. Dance, Drama, Art, Public Speaking, Life Skills and Music are other activities children can opt to take part in.

At JVM we believe learning is not only confined to the classroom, and take great initiative in clubbing academics with out-bound activities. These could range from a half or full-day visit during school hours to a nearby facility (the fire station, the post-office, a florist’s, a factory, a corporate office, a bank, a hospital, a farm, an orphanage, a recycling plant…) .The trips are carefully planned to maximise learning, enjoyment, safety and recreation. Out-bound activities are educational and help in bonding and instilling leadership skills. They bring out qualities of resourcefulness, helpfulness, sensitivity to others’ needs, awareness of the environment and independence in all age-groups.