LIBRARY - Knowledge Center

Our libraries are extensive, exhaustive and boast the latest titles to suit reference needs. The libraries have more than three thousand books, leading journals and newspapers to bring the students up-to-date with the latest information and trends. A large, well-planned reading room helps them jot down necessary reference details. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important center for learning.


The importance of sports goes beyond serving as mere extracurricular activities. Competitive physical activities keep students mentally fresh and physically fit. Sports do not get in the way of academics, as is the commonly held belief! It, in turn, enhances the abilities of students to work in teams and solve problems collectively. Children learn to give their best in the face of winning or losing. Sports inculcate discipline and perseverance. Scenarios from the playing field can be used as metaphors for tackling challenges in other areas of life.

Janani Vidya Mandira offers the following sporting activities:

Outdoor: Basketball, Skating, Cricket, Karate & Badminton

Indoor: Carom Board, Chess & many more.

Trained and experienced coaches have been appointed for each sporting discipline. High quality, well maintained infrastructure has been put into place. We believe in giving each student the chance to try all sports. Children of varying strengths & abilities are encouraged to try their hand at different activities. Great care and attention are given to health and hygiene during sports hours. Our staff ensures that students avoid injuries and overtraining.

Students whose performance has been superlative are selected to represent the school team. Janani Vidya Mandira periodically organizes inter-school competitions to foster healthy competition between students of different schools.


We have top-class laboratory facilities. The very best as well as the latest available equipment are available to our students. The thirst for experimental observation and study is quenched in our labs. Thus, they are able to correlate their previously learned theoretical portion with practical analysis and confirmation.

The school has state-of-the-art science laboratories equipped with all updated equipment. These independent labs cater to the three branches of Science & provide ample scope for the students to experiment & boost their spirit of inquiry. These labs will create an enthusiastic environment for children to understand and have good ideas about the practical aspects of the lab.

Some of the salient features of our science laboratory include:

Spacious, well-maintained and equipped.

Careful supervision of students by trained staff while doing practical work.

Proper safety and protection provisions such as fume hood, goggles and gloves while doing practical work.

Periodical checking of electrical fittings/ insulation for replacement and repairs and chemicals/equipment for storage and disposal.

Very clearly ordered and numbered equipment which prevents confusions.


The school has a well–equipped computer lab for the use of students. Every student is provided with a PC to explore the world of technology. The theory & the practical classes attended by the students enable them to expand their horizon of knowledge. Students are also trained to make power-point presentations on the topics being assigned to them, which not only makes them more confident in facing the classroom but also brings out the creative genius in them. Some of the salient features of our technology lab include:

Appropriate computer to student ratio.

The latest version of the requisite software is installed on all systems.

Trained teachers to monitor the use of PCs.


In order to ensure security coverage in & around our campus, Circuit Cameras have been installed at vantage locations. In addition to this, we also have trained security personnel to take care of the security at our campus. Some of the salient features of our security include:

Circuit Cameras are installed at crucial locations on the campus.

Trained security personnel at all vantage locations.

Intercoms connect all the important points in the school.

Mandatory check at the entrance gate so that no trespassers can get inside the campus.

Only parents/authorized local guardians are allowed to take students out of school.


Learning mathematics by doing is probably the best way to remove the fear of mathematics from students’ minds and make the subject fun. Our school has been an early adopter of this approach and has provided a creative and fun-filled environment for our students to enjoy the subject of mathematics. Different real life objects, software, drawing boards, tools and models are used to demonstrate and teach Mathematics

Our modern & well-equipped Math Lab makes the learning of Mathematics more interesting. It enables students to learn & explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems using technological tools. The laboratory allows & encourages the students to think, discuss and assimilate mathematical concepts in an innovative and interesting way. Some of the salient features of our math lab include:

To enable students to verify mathematical properties using models and other tools.

Provide an environment where students can explore the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life.

Encourage individual participation in the process of mathematical learning.

To demonstrate abstract mathematical ideas using charts, models, etc. for more effective learning.

To help students develop interest and confidence in the subject.