We are extremely happy with our ward performance. School education is very good. A big thank you to all the teachers for all the timely updates and taking such good care of the children. Every month activities and cultural programs conducted are very nice. Thanks a lot to all the teachers, words are not enough to describe. I truly appreciate all of you for taking care of children.


We sincerely thank and acknowledge with a deep sense of appreciation towards all teachers, Principal and Management for their concern and dedication in providing quality education and atmosphere through various activities which make children understand and learn joyfully.

Dr Sowbhagya Krishnamurthy

Excellent school. The teachers are caring and well organized.

My son has been studying at this school for the past 2.5 years. His teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed. Giving children more confidence when asking questions, engaging in group activities and opportunities for one-on-one time with teachers.

Vybhavi B R

The teaching staff is very supportive and acts on our feedback promptly. The range of activities offered to students is also good, as it gives the students an opportunity to participate apart from their academics.

Archana Nayak

I really wanted to appreciate the good job that you and the other team of teachers are doing. Thank you for being intentional about your job, your hard work is showing off in the tremendous success we see every time. You are always ready to help at any point in time and make the necessary adjustments when needed, and it’s a very good environment to learn new things every day. Thank you for all your support towards our kids.


Jvm school is so far the best school. In its class.

Teachers of jvm are the best, who mould our children in a good way.

The school has taken a one-step ahead initiative by teaching the children activities like karate, skating etc. as part of the syllabus.

The fee structure of the school is well affordable for middle-class families, the school has a nice campus where children can play, and the school also has a better security system (cctv). The school provides a GPS-enabled transportation facility.


The story goes back to 2019 when we were not happy with our elder son's schooling and looking for better schooling in a nearby vicinity. This is when we came to know about Janani Vidya Mandira(JVM) through a newspaper pamphlet. We decided to pay a visit and find out more about the school. We were pleased by the way we were treated, and the information provided to us by the school, including the infrastructure. We decided to enroll our elder son in 2nd std. This is when a pandemic struck and put a real test to school management. For a moment, we thought we had made a mistake changing the school at the wrong time, but the way the management handled online education for the first time was beyond our expectations. So we enrolled our second child into the same institution without second thought. The journey, so started, is going very well and the school is making all the efforts, be it academic, sports events, cultural activities and communication with the parents. The school is leaving no stone unturned for the progress of the child. Kids love school, from the teachers to the students to the curriculum. The Apt student teacher ratio gives children more chance for one -on-one time with teachers, hence giving more opportunity for overall growth of the child. Management is very open-minded about suggestions and feedback and makes honest efforts to make essential improvements. Be it class teachers, subject teachers, for that matter, even the principal mam is very approachable and encourages every parent to come and talk to them about any small or big issues and makes all efforts to resolve them.

So far, our journey with JVM is really wonderful and kids are loving their school.

Anantharama Bhat S

I am very happy about being associated with JVM. In particular, the school teaching faculties are sensitive and child-friendly. During the pandemic, school authorities and teachers played a pivotal role in ensuring online classes very effectively and meaningfully, despite several challenges. Physical Infrastructure is more suitable for the children natural instincts, like optimum playground, colorful classrooms, celebrating all national and cultural days and festivals. “Individual child care/ concern and holistic approach of feeling is very much appreciated”

Dr N Siddharam.

We are glad that our ward has improved a lot in his/ her academic orally and in writing too. We could see the class teachers' effort in improving our ward. We would render our gratitude to the school and the teacher who are showing patience and striving hard for the betterment of all the children.

Subbaiah K M

Myself, the mother of two boys studying in Janani Vidya Mandira, the elder one is enrolled in this school for 10th grade and the younger one is enrolled for 5th grade. Personally, I think my kids love going to school every day. At the end of the day, when they share their school experiences, the happiness in their eyes is palpable. They have such a strong bond with their teachers that they cannot be separated. Additionally, the teachers have a genuine concern for every single student in the class. Their teachers are positively influencing their future. My children are in a happy and enthusiastic atmosphere, as I can see. Teachers are kind enough to respond to complaints from parents in a proper manner. I am happy with my children’s performance and grateful for their future.

As all the teachers are doing a fantastic job in terms of subject teaching and discipline.


The teachers are very supportive to the students, they try to understand the concepts from the grassroots level, which enhances the child’s learning. The class ratio is 30:1. The infrastructure and the ambience of the school is excellent. One of the best student-friendly school in the surrounding locality.

Nasrin taj

With your guidance, our son has developed into a confident and capable child and your play-based learning approach is amazing. Thank you for being such an important part in our child's development. Thank you

Ashwini Arun Patil

The entire school is well-disciplined with the best infrastructure and amenities.

They have got great teaching staff and also helpful staff who are very courteous and child-friendly.


The teachers are very supportive of students. They try to understand the concepts. Janani school is the best in education. One of the best student-friendly school. The teachers are always helpful. Thank you.

Savitha Sunil R M