bus services

Welcome to Janani Vidya Mandira Bus Services

At Janani Vidya Mandira , we prioritize the safety and convenience of our students, ensuring they have a smooth journey to and from school. Our dedicated bus services cater to various routes, providing reliable transportation for students living across the city.

Features of Our Bus Services

  1. Safe and Reliable Transportation: Our buses are well-maintained and operated by experienced drivers, ensuring the safety of our students throughout their commute.

  2. Convenient Routes: We have carefully planned routes covering key residential areas, ensuring accessibility for students living across different neighborhoods.

  3. Timely Departures and Arrivals: We adhere to strict schedules to ensure students arrive at school on time and return home promptly at the end of the day.

  4. Supervised Travel: Each bus is accompanied by a responsible staff member who ensures discipline and safety onboard.

  5. Comfortable Travel Experience: Our buses are equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring a pleasant journey for students.

  6. CCTV and GPS Tracking: Each buses are equipped with GPS tracking and are under the surveillance of CCTV.